Bring your freight spend into your corporate presence for unprecedented, tangible, and measurable value.
  1. Analysis of every one of your freight transactions, shipment by shipment.
  2. Reference all of your shipments against $100+ billion of real transactions of similar freight shipments, at the local and national level.
  3. Return to you a unique, in-depth report so you can see where your freight spend is exactly, relative to the market and begin adding PROFIT back to your bottom line.

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How does it work?

1. Collect Files

Compile up to a month of your actual freight invoice copies.

2. Send Em' Over

Email those same invoices from step 1 to

3. Get Report

Allow 3-4 days for us to process your shipments and compile your report.

Freight Cost Analysis Report [SAMPLE]

The FCA report is our proprietary service, in a deliverable report, that compares what you spend on freight against what other companies spend for similar shipments, on a local and national level.


Average premium paid above market per shipment.


Annualized (120 shipments per year, or 10 per month) total premium paid.


Number of loads booked by the shipper.


Number of similar transactions within 100 miles of pick-up location.


Premium paid above average market rate (dollar amount).


Premium paid above average market rate (percentage).

*** sample report is property of GIR Analytics and should not be used without authorization first. ***

*GIR Market Rate – Our proprietary number, calculated by analyzing the financials of over $40 Billion in real shipment transactions, pulling the real rates paid by shippers inside a 100 mile radius of the pickup point.